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Peculiar stories from real life. Hosted by Christopher Beale & Josh Taylor.

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Sep 9, 2019

When a death rocks Disney Character Voices, Bret Iwan goes from potential understudy, to Mickey Mouse, almost overnight.

Why does Mickey sound different sometime?!

Bret remembers Russi Taylor and finally opens up about Mickey #5.

BONUS: Why Is Bret Up Before The Sun?


The beginning of this episode features a clip of a 2004 interview with Wayne Allwine and Russi Taylor. That video can be found on YouTube here. If you are interested in Mickey #3, that is a solid place to start. - Kory

This episode was written, recorded and sound designed by Christopher "Kory" Beale. Bonus content for Unpacked presents: Bret. Mickey & Walt adapted from audio recorded with Bret Iwan by Kory. Bonuses adapted, written, recorded and sound designed by Jack Milliken.

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