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Radio stories by Kory and his friends, reflecting real-life and fantasy through storytelling.

Oct 31, 2018

Without conflict, there is no story. Without a good villain to cause that conflict, there is no hero. From Pete, to the Evil Queen, to Yzma and stops in between, this week The Evolution of Villainyon Unpacked with Kory & Adam.

This episode was written by Adam Vargyas, recorded and produced by Kory on Sunday, October 22,...

Oct 10, 2018

61 years ago today, in 1957, the Zorro TV series premiered on ABC. Produced by Walt Disney, it was a continuing partnership with the network that aired the Disneyland TV show, and helped fund Disneyland itself. Like so much of Disney canon, Zorro sparked imaginations everywhere, and shaped our culture in unexpected...

Oct 3, 2018

63 years ago today, The Mickey Mouse Club premiered on ABC. Though it would air for only a few years, it had a monumental impact on television. Not to mention that the 1989 re-boot gave us a ton of stars we still see on TV today! This week, we unpack The Mickey Mouse Club.

BONUS: Kory's weird day at work, and messing...