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Peculiar stories from real life. Hosted by Christopher Beale & Josh Taylor.

An independent production of No Midnight Media.

Apr 1, 2019

We are trying something new and stepping outside of just theme park related content. It's time for us to look to the future and broaden our horizons. There will still, of course, be theme park related content when we find a great story, but Unpacked will look at so much more now. With one mantra in mind...REAL PEOPLE, REAL STORIES...NO LIMITATIONS.

Thank you in advance for your support, and your Apple Podcasts reviews! (was that cheap? - Kory)


1969: The story of a young expansion baseball team that no one ever thought would play. If the MLB players strike hadn't happened...could the Montreal Expos have gone all the way in 1994? 

BONUS CONTENT: More Expos & Basebally Stuff

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Unpacked is a production of No Midnight Media.