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Peculiar stories from real life. Hosted by Christopher Beale & Josh Taylor.

An independent production of No Midnight Media.

Oct 7, 2019

Bret Iwan and Kory answer your questions as we bring Unpacked presents: Bret, Mickey & Walt to a close!


To see photos of Bret's house, follow his design business on Instagram, @BungalowModern. You can follow Bret at @Bret_Iwan, and follow Kory at @KoryOnTheRadio! Follow Jack at @JackKMilliken!


This episode was written and hosted by Jack Milliken, recorded by Christopher "Kory" Beale. Bonus content for Unpacked presents: Bret. Mickey & Walt adapted, written, recorded and sound designed by Jack Milliken.

©No Midnight Media, All rights reserved. Music licensed by Epidemic Sound.


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