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Unpacked presents: Bret, Mickey & Walt

A biographical mini-series from 'Unpacked' Executive Producer Kory. How does a suburban, 90s kid with big dreams grow up to become the voice of the most iconic cartoon character of all time?

Meet Bret Iwan on episode one, premiering 8/26/19!

Nov 7, 2018

Walt Disney was part of an American generation, sometimes called the Greatest Generation, who put a LOT of value in patriotism. This week...we’ll take a look at the attractions Walt’s patriotism would inspire on Unpacked.

Special thanks to Matt Roseboom from Attractions Magazine for allowing us to use their video of President Obama's Hall of Presidents recording session.

This episode was written by Adam Vargyas, recorded and produced by Kory on Monday, October 22, 2018 exclusively for the No Midnight Podcast Channel.


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