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Unpacked presents: Bret, Mickey & Walt

A biographical mini-series from 'Unpacked' Executive Producer Kory. How does a suburban, 90s kid with big dreams grow up to become the voice of the most iconic cartoon character of all time?

Meet Bret Iwan on episode one, premiering 8/26/19!

Sep 16, 2019

We are back with the finale of Unpacked presents: Bret, Mickey & Walt on September 30th. This week we're presenting a look at a Patreon bonus that teases a really cool thing we discover about Bret on Episode 3!

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Sep 9, 2019

When a death rocks Disney Character Voices, Bret Iwan goes from potential understudy, to Mickey Mouse, almost overnight.

Why does Mickey sound different sometime?!

Bret remembers Russi Taylor and finally opens up about Mickey #5.

BONUS: Why Is Bret Up Before The Sun?


The beginning of this episode features a clip of a...